Yukon Territory

The Yukon Territory in the early morning


Twenty-two years ago I first came “into the country” to Alaska via the Al-Can Highway through the Yukon Territory. This was taken in 2010. The scenery is beautiful, and the land is harsh, and the mosquitos plentiful, and the economics mostly mining in these parts. (Click on the picture to see a larger photo on a picture page.)


A Farley Mowat inspiration

This week, one of the world’s most acclaimed writers of all things wild took his last feisty breath. Farley Mowat died at the age 92. He left a legacy of memorable tales and a spirit celebrating the importance of the world’s wild places and its many inhabitants, including predators like wolves. I watched a clip on YouTube of Never Cry Wolf, a fabulous film that is among my favorites. The film was filmed in northern British Columbia, a breathtakingly beautiful place. I never got to the locations where production took place (near Atlin, B.C.), but I did visit the nearby Whitehorse area and took a hike above the low-lying range above town. Here are a few throw-away pictures I took. This is by no means true photography. This is just a remembrance, and a place that makes me think about wolves, wild things, and that ole’ kilt lifter, Farley. Thanks for never shutting up.