The raven and the frog, Tlingit totem

At Sitka National Historic Park, site of a historic battle between invading Russian fur traders and their Native allies against the Native residents of the Tlingit band, amazingly beautiful totems are on display, old and new. Artists keep the tradition alive and carve on-site. This is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I hold the raven with deep regard, like the Tlingit residents who lived here for thousands of years before. (See more pictures from the Great Land on my Alaska gallery.)

Editor’s note: I have corrected my description of the totem carving after hearing from an apprentice who worked in Sitka at the carving studio at the historic park. I had incorrectly identified one of two animals; I have corrected that calling it the frog.



  1. Hi, just thought I might comment that the picture featured is of a frog holding Katlian’s raven war helmet. It was carved while I was an apprentice under Tommy Joseph in the Sitka national historical park. There are other totems in the park which have carvings of bears and ravens and you could check them out for your story:) just seemed like the frog, featured photo might not really fit the story line.

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    1. Patrick, thanks for correcting me. I’m going to change the wording. I took this picture years ago and only had my memory to go on and what I was clearly not understanding correctly. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate you visiting my site and sharing your story. I had great respect for the traditions that were being passed down in Sitka.


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