Thank you for visiting my web page and photography blog. If you are interested in contacting me to discuss licensing issues or terms of use, please contact me via my web site contact page. My photographs have been published in the New York Times, by publishing houses such as McGrall-Hill, in publications such as the Wilson Quarterly, and at non-profit facilities ranging from the Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Centre for Human Rights in Norway to the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre in Whitehorse, Canada. My photographs also have been used for book cover illustrations, including a profile of human rights offenses in Rwanda.

  • What Is This Site About: This web site is dedicated to sharing original photographic and video work and providing commentary on the media arts, photography, videography, filmmaking, and their respective markets. Through my work, I hope to communicate a vision of the world that, in a small way, may enlighten, touch, and perhaps engage people who share the planet with me and billions of other global citizens. Having travelled widely on six continents, I am convinced that the things that link all of us are vastly much stronger, more powerful, and more meaningful than the problems and things we perceive as differences.
  • Following What Beautiful Light: You can keep up to date with postings by signing up to follow this web site/photography blog. On the main page, under the “Follow Blog via Email,” type in your email address to receive copies of new postings by email.
  • WordPress “Push Ads”: These began appearing on on WordPress in late 2013. Until I provide WordPress with additional fees to remove them, the ads will continue appearing on my site that I neither endorse or control. I do not object to WordPress’s business model to monetize its products, as the company provides a robust platform that encourages idea sharing and creative possibilities for those in the non-profit and for-profit arenas.
  • Feedback: Tell me your thoughts. Did you like what you saw? Were you inspired? Did you learn or see something new? Please, share what you think about this site and all of the work and ideas on it. You can do that by clicking on the WordPress like button, sharing the links, and sending comments through either the comments section of the WordPress platform or via my contact page on my other web site.
  • Copyright: Please refer to my copyright page. I am keeping the message simple and clear.

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