Rose City Classic Dog Show, round two

I found a few more photos to publish of the utter bliss many dogs experience being the center of all that attention at the Rose City Classic Dog show in Portland. (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)

Rose City Classic Dog Show, grooming time


The Rose City Classic Dog Show is a major Northwest event, attracting dogs and owners from a wide region and multiple states. The 2015 show took place at the Expo Center. It had some fabulous demonstrations of agility course athleticism. I would rather watch dogs jumping hurdles and running a slalom course than watch football any day. These are two pictures I took with my GoPro, which dogs feel comfortable with, since it is such a tiny camera. There were also some very sophisticated multimedia recordings going on, covering every participant in the agility shows, not to mention the photo booths that always populate shows.  (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page

The doggie cam harness before there was a doggie cam harness

I made this video in 2013, a year before GoPro came out with its own line of harnesses designed especially for dogs. Other companies were already out of the gate, but all I had at the time was a human head harness. I enlisted the help of my neighbor and her best buddy and my good friend, Balloo. Balloo was a trooper and tolerated the indignity of a loose fitting harness. We got a few good shots playing catch. I saw both owner and Balloo again at Thanksgiving, and Balloo cried when he saw me. He is such a goooooood boy!

A few more canine candids from the Vancouver Kennel Club Show

I used my GoPro camera fo the first time at a dog show. Dogs are fascinated by the GoPro. I think they cannot decide if it is a  toy or food. Some dog owners thought the dogs would try to snack on it. But they behaved, and they demonstrated perfect camera form. (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture in a separate picture page.)

Met some wet-nosed friends this weekend

I attended the Vancouver Kennel Club dog show on Oct. 25, 2014, and I had a great time. The show was held at the Clark County Fairgrounds, which meant a lot of space and a lot of laid back dogs. The owners were super accommodating for me taking candid photos. Here are a few shots. Hopefully I can publish a few more. You cannot go wrong seeing a dog show. Period. (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)

Kotzebue, Alaska, spring 2008

I visited Kotzebue, Alaska, just north of the Arctic Circle, in 2008. It was a fabulous trip to the largest city in northwest Alaska. I ate beluga whale and was treated with great hospitality by residents. This was a work trip, and one of my most memorable visits to Bush Alaska during my six years living and working in the Great Land. Other photos from the 49th state can be found in my web site’s Alaska gallery.

A girl and her dog

Two years ago, I photographed my friend Val, and her beloved mixed-breed and massive mutt, Hattie, at one of Seattle’s many off-leash dog parks. This was at Magnuson Park. Sometimes, you can take 100 shots, and one or two turn out. Other times, you do better. Here were a couple I liked. Hattie was very fun to photograph. Thanks, Val (and Hattie). More dog pics can be found on my dogs and masters gallery.

Dog shows are one of my favorite subjects to photograph

I had a lot of fun at the Seattle Kennel Club Show yesterday (March 8, 2014) at the Century Link Exhibition Center.
Aussie before competition
Aussie before show time

Big-eared Bassett
Basset hound in the breed display area

Chesapeake loves a rub
An adorable Chesapeake gets all the love in the meet the breed ring

Golden in the zone
Goldens always have the most Buddha-like looks when being groomed