Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Louis

Every time I return to St. Louis, I find new gems and treasures that continue to shine in this once grand, older Midwest City. In January, I stumbled very accidentally on Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church, just south of Lafayette Square. The more than century old church continues to be a part of the community, inviting residents to Friday fish fries and events like Serbfest. Other Midwest cities, such as Detroit and Cleveland, also have churches and communities halls that highlight the history of ethnic settlement in the now decaying industrial cities. I recommend a quick visit if you are in St. Louis. It is a short walk or drive from Lafayette Park.



  1. Rudy, thank you for the beautiful pictures of our church. Please join us inside sometime! We have many events throughout the year that are open to the community and we welcome all that enter the church on Sundays for liturgy at 10am. Take care!


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