Thanks to the more than 5,900 visitors to my photo blog

It has been more than a year since I launched this blog in March 2014, with a post on how the Inuit of Barrow and Greenland share a common cultural identity. Wow, time went fast. It was an experiment, to see if I could impose more discipline in taking pictures. It also was a place I could showcase work I have taken over the years that never found a home on my main web page (

As of today, I have published 266 posts. My WordPress stats page indicates that I have received 10,487 page views and 5,909 visitors. I will claim some of those numbers checking the page from different locations, but everyone else is from the web the world over, who have landed on my page due to the magic of search engine optimization and, hopefully, worthwhile content. Thanks again to everyone, and I hope you will return.

visits to my photo blog



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