Portland Neighborhood

Westmoreland, on a very cold fall day in Portland

Technically I live in the Sellwood-Westmoreland neighborhood, but I consider Westmoreland to be distinct unto itself. I once lived here oh so many years ago when I was an undergraduate, so it is a place I have called home. The defining features are the massive rail right of way, the Westmoreland Manor retirement community off McLauphlin Boulevard, and the newly restored Westmoreland Park. They all mash together in a valley. I now run and walk here and enjoy the park, the local eateries and brewpubs, and cozy little homes. It would be a good place to call home for the long haul. (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)

Woodstock, a neighborhood that will soon go upscale

Woodstock. Ah, the memories…so many memories here. I used to come up here in the 1980s, when I attended a nearby college in Portland. I always liked it because it was distinctly lower-brow than the more upscale leafy neighborhood nearby called Eastmoreland, which has lovely estates and manicured lawns. No, Woodstock was all about small businesses making a go at it, a Safeway, a Bi-Mart, some specialty shops like Otto’s Sausage, and some other businesses that came and went, like a tea shop where I bought really strong gun powder tea to stay awake while writing research papers.

Today, most of these are all still around, but some new developments are coming in, and I can virtually guarantee in five years this street will not be recognizable. I love that Grand Central Bakery is here, but Portland has more than enough wine bistros and trendy watering holes. In fact, I just read the great tavern up here, the Lutz, is now considered one of top hip bars in Portland. I mean this is where folks used to come to get drunk on pitchers blitz beer on week nights. Change. It truly is unstoppable.  (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)