Tibetan carpet weaver, Darjeeling, India

When I visited the Indian hill station city of Darjeeling in 1989, I met many Tibetan refugees, who had made their home there, preserving their culture in exile from Chinese-occupied Tibet. You can see more photos I took on my India gallery. (Click on the photo to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)


Digging into the India archive

My archive of photos dates back now more than 25 years. I scanned (remember that technology?) photos from numerous projects I have worked on since 1989. Lately, I’ve been converting some old color scans into black and white. Here’s one of my old favorites, of the Karva Chauth festival, taken in Varanasi, India, in October 1989. You can compare it against my color version on my India photo gallery.

Karva Chauth festival, Varanasi, India, October 1989

Karva Chauth festival, Varanasi, India, October 1989