Germany completely destroys Brazil at the World Cup

I cannot believe what I am watching via the multimedia extravaganza semi-final game. As of the 75th minute, Germany is up 6-0. I have to ask, is this a fix? Did the big-time crooks somewhere in a Macau casino throw this game, or is Brazil that bad without two of its star players. We will soon know. Here is how the Twitterverse, web, and football world is experiencing the game today. Note, I do not have copyright to any of these images, and these are great examples of media showing how not to play el jogo bonito. (Click on the images to see larger versions on a separate picture page–all of the images do not belong to me, and are taken from the Internet.)

Final note: Germany rolls over Brazil 7-1. I am glad I was not really watching this and just watching others watch this event.


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  1. This post is getting a lot of hits, as I thought it might. Here are the search terms that are popping up–all versions of the same larger question: Was this Germany-Brazil debacle a fixed match? I would say lots of people around the world have good reason to think this was not just a better team crushing a team that completely collapsed. That is entirely possible too.
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