Everyone has a story, even if some are pure malarkey


I used to work as a newspaper reporter. But even before that I learned that everyone has a story. Everyone. I did not have time to get this guy’s tale, unfortunately. He was remodeling his patio in front of quirky old house in Sisters, Ore., and I had miles to drive still that evening. He was a really nice guy, but, well, busy fixing things up.

On the other hand, sometimes we may not want to know folks’ stories. But it is usually worth the effort to listen, even if what you are hearing can be full-on malarkey. For the record, I love malarkey too, ’cause the best stories tend to be tall and stretch the truth on the edges, and even the middle–just listen to people run for office and you find good examples. Or just talk to a the proverbial fishermen, or perhaps barfly.

(Click on the photo to open a larger picture on a separate picture page.)


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