Reed College

Cherry blossom boom

We have now passed the peak week for cherry blossoms in Portland. It is always an amazing sight to behold, up and down the wet side of the Cascades, particularly in cities where arborists and planners have planted cherry trees.

Now that I live in Portland, I take walks that put me in their path. I took these the last week of March 2018 at Reed College, where I attended many years ago. I always remember the blossoms from those years telling me the end of the year was close at hand. They gave me comfort and hope during that time, always.


A snowy day in Portland as the new year begins

(Click on each photo to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)

What a glorious day. When I looked out my window I was greeted with a lovely dusting of snow outside my home and all around the neighborhood. I was not expecting this, and because I had no plans to drive today, it was a blessing.

I grabbed my point and shoot Canon and did a run through the Westmoreland and Eastmoreland neighborhoods, taking a detour to the campus of my old alma mater, Reed College. The campus projects that regal and expensive air of high-priced academia when covered in snow, like its sister private schools across the country. Regardless of the very high cost to attend Reed, I still think it looks great dusted in snow.  My Sellwood neighborhood and Westmoreland Park also looked stunning. The park conjured an image of a Japanese woodcut painting of winter in Japan.

I hope others are enjoying snow as much I have today. Happy new year.

The reds return to Portland maples

It was pretty hilarious when I returned to this spot on the campus of Reed College this past Sunday. Earlier in the day I had spotted this lovely old maple tree light up in a love shade of red. That is worth a picture. When I came back near 5 p.m, not one, not two, but three photographers were there with tripods, all with the same idea. We all were polite and took turns. Sometimes a tree just has that power and calls you have a conversation of sorts. That we did indeed.

Winter’s long shadows on the campus of Reed College

I love the long shadows cast by late afternoons on a winter’s day. Late yesterday afternoon, I realized the conditions were near optimal on a clear day in Portland. I visited the campus of Reed College, a private liberal arts school that now costs about $60,000 for tuition and room and board.  The school has three landmark buildings that utilize Tudor Gothic style: the old dorm block, Eliot Hall, and the old library building. All make for excellent photo props in every season. Despite the exorbitant costs to attend the four-year college, the campus is beautiful, located next to a wildlife refuge that is the source for Crystal Springs. The campus’ orientation is mostly east and west, so the sun will hit most buildings at an angle, creating the aforementioned shadows, except the library which faces west. Right after the simple shoot with my trusty GoPro camera, I headed to my ultimate destination, the Gigantic Brewing Co., co-founded by one Reed grad and former musician. I always like to support home-grown suds businesses, especially a creative one from a fellow alum.