Oaks Bottom Photographs

Enjoying Oaks Bottom’s final fleeting fall colors

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Portland’s fall season normally ends just after Thanksgiving. Because of warmer weather and a mild autumn this year, leaves still clung from tree branches along the Willamette River, about a half mile from my home, when the first weekend of December arrived.

I found the last hold-outs along the river’s edge and in the¬†Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, next to the river.¬†Before everything fell to the ground, I made my mandatory fall leaves photo outing. Though this safari did not feature the Kodacolor brilliance I remember from Alaska, it more than did the job. I had a chance to photograph some of the juvenile black tail deer that have made their home in this wetlands area. I also found a few other holiday-themed treats, including decorated small rail cars used for seasonal rides from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

When I left Seattle a little over four years ago, I wondered if I could ever replace the beauty and views I had of the Puget Sound and that spectacular area from several parks near my home. Luckily I have with this space, walking distance from my new home. I never have a bad time running or walking in this urban wildlife area.

Taking a walk through Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge


The Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge is about one-half mile from my house. At any given time one might see egrets and blue herons, ducks, geese, and maybe the urban coyotes who have found refuge here in between nocturnal prowls eating cats, rats, coons, trash, ducks, and other critters. Here are a couple of scenes from my walk last Sunday. Lovely place. (Click on each photograph to see a larger picture on a separate picture page.)