Historic Vancouver Washington

No stick is too big when playing fetch

Hot diggity. I love finding a beautiful new place that is ignored by the busy world and destination tourism. Frenchman’s Bar Park is such a place, in Clark County, Washington, just north of Vancouver. The park lies along the Columbia River, and many fishermen, dog owners, and families can be found on the sandy banks. I loved this mutt. He didn’t understand the meaning of, you can’t fetch that. He just did it. Good boy!

House of Providence, in Vancouver, Wash.

While driving on Interstate 5 from Portland to Vancouver, I spotted this old building in Vancouver, and pulled into the city to check it out. The House of Providence is an academy created in Vancouver in 1873 to serve orphans. It’s a beautiful old building that is showing some creaks and groans with age. I like pulling off the side of the road, exploring new places, and sharing the treasures I find. You can find the House of Providence off the first exit on I-5 heading north from Portland, Ore.